Regional Planning

The Regional Planning Department staff provides research, grant-writing, and grant-administration services for state and federal grant funds; techinical expertise; conducts surveys; prepares studies in support of local infrastructures inprovement projects; and provides assistance to local governments on several different enviormental issues. To learn more about our programs and services please explore the quick links on the left of this page or contact any of the Regional Planning Department staff listed below.

Regional Planning Staff

Name: Ken Thorne
Position: Director

Phone: (731) 587-4213 ext. 229

Name: Tim Belton
Position: Project Administrator

Phone: (731) 587-4213 ext. 227

Name: Wanda Fuzzell
Position: Solid Waste/Infrastructure Planner

Phone: (731) 587-4213 ext. 232

Name: Donny Bunton
Position: Community Planner

Phone: (731) 587-4213 ext. 226

Name: Ben Bradberry
Position: Rural Planning Organization Coordinator

Phone: (731) 587-4213 ext. 230

Name: Jessica Baker
Position: Historic Preservation Planner, Housing Coordinator

Phone: (731) 587-4213 ext. 228

Name: Jennifer Zimmerman
Position: Grants Writer

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext.235