The Northwest Tennessee Human Resource Agency is committed to enhancing the quality of life for all residents of the Northwest region. We meet our standards through existing services and we are constantly searching for new programs to meet our consumers ever changing needs through our values and principles. These principles are to identify the needs and advocate services of the population of the Northwest region as well as to consider the total social economic and environmental well-being of the community. We want to encourage independence as well as conduct research and development that will increase support and operational systems. We strive to contribute to the growth of the community by helping consumers maintain their dignity. We recruit in hopes of increasing volunteerism through our community. We contribute to the local economy by employing people. Our goal is to enable older persons to achieve gainful employment and personal development through their community service and training.

Administrative Staff

Name: John Bucy
Position: Executive Director

Email: john.bucy@nwtdd.org
Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 210

Name: Craig Corum
Position: Controller

Email: craig.corum@nwtdd.org
Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 204

Name: Emily Payne
Position: Finance and Human Resource Assistant

Email: emily.payne@nwtdd.org
Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 222

Name: Betty Waggner
Position: Assistant Financial Office/Office Manager

Email: betty.waggner@nwtdd.org
Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 203

Name: Joyce Klidies
Position: Receptionist

Email: joyce.klidies@nwtdd.org
Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 201

Name: Marlin Harrison
Position: Maintenance
Name: Melinda Goode
Position: Director of Special Projects and Human Resources

Email: melinda.goode@nwthra.org
Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 209

Transportation Staff

Name: Janet Moore
Position: Public Transportation Director

Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1222

Name: Judy Martin
Position: Receptionist

Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1228

Name: Jessica Johns
Position: Technical Support Coordinator

Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1224

Name: Janet Breeden
Position: Contract Billing Specialist

Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1231

Name: Robin King
Position: Compliance Coordinator

Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1229

Name: Shirley Killebrew
Position: Mechanic
Name: Angie Fortune
Position: Scheduler
Name: Betty Stafford
Position: TennCare Data Clerk

Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1225

Name: Carol Damron
Position: Reservationist

Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1363

Name: Jennifer Stone
Position: HR Coordinator/Payroll Assistant

Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1223

Name: Sandy Hall
Position: Dispatch

Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1364

Name: Jerry Cheatham
Position: Training Coordinator
Name: Rhonda Camp
Position: Reservationist

Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1366

Name: Reba Spain
Position: Payroll Clerk Assistant

Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1361

Name: Sheila Bates
Position: Reservationist

Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1263

Name: Jacqueline Scherfel
Position: Dispatcher
Name: Eddie Brunswick
Position: Technical Support Coordinator

Email: eddie.brunswick@nwthratrans.org
Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1224

Name: Mary Ann Hurst
Position: Administrative Assistant

Email: maryann.hurst@nwthratrans.org
Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1222

Name: Marlon Leiva
Position: Head Mechanic

Email: Marlon.Leiva@nwthratrans.org
Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1230

Name: John Forrest
Position: Scheduler

Email: John.Forrest@nwthratrans.org
Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1232

Name: Sarah Harbison
Position: Scheduler

Senior AIDES Program Staff

Name: Britney Bartholomew
Position: Director

Homemaker Staff

Name: Alice Bradley
Position: Director

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 237

Name: Ruby Clare
Position: EVV Specialist

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 247

Name: Tracy Evans-Harris
Position: Office Assistant

Phone731-587-4213 ext. 234

Nutrition Staff

Name: James Moore
Position: District Nutrition Manager

Email: james.moore@nwthra.org
Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 208

Name: Dee Ann Mitchell
Position: Nutrition Office Manager

Email: deeann.mitchell@nwthra.org
Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 224