The Northwest Tennessee Development District provides a network for technical assistance and resources in response to request from local communities in our District. The Development District concerns itself with the total social, economic and environmental well-being of the area. The goals are:

  • to assist local governments in researching, obtaining and administering state and federal funding;
  • to enhance the quality of life in Northwest Tennessee;
  • to bring together as many resources as possible in an effort to keep senior citizens active, healthy, and in an independent setting.

Administrative Staff

Name: Melinda Goode
Position: Executive Director

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 210

Name: Emily Payne
Position: Director of Human Resources & Special Projects

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 209

Name: Katelyn Edwards
Position: Director of Finance

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 204

Name: Jennifer Stone
Position: Human Resources Assistant

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 222

Name: Betty Waggener
Position: Assistant Financial Office/Office Manager

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 203

Name: Mark Pflueger
Position: Finance Assistant

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 248

Name: Joyce Klidies
Position: Receptionist

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 201

Name: Marlin Harrison
Position: Maintenance

Phone: 731-819-8786