Area Agency on Aging and Disability

The Northwest Tennessee Area Agency on Aging and Disabilty (NWTAAAD) is part of the nationwide system of agencies which were created as the result of the 1973 amendments to the Older Americans Act of 1965.  The role of the NWTAAAD is to identify community and social service needs and to assure that they are available to people 60 years and older and to adults with disabilites in the communities where they live in an effort to keep these individuals active, healthy and independent for as long as possible.

AAAD Staff

Name: Julie Jones
Position: Director

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 216

Name: Elizabeth Whitmore
Position: Program Specialist/Quality Assurance

Phone: 731-587-4213

Name: Donna Fields
Position: Information & Assistance Specialist

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 221

Name: Christy Gibson
Position: Administrative Assistant/SHIP Outreach Benefit Counselor

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 249

Name: Nancy Gill
Position: Data Entry Specialist

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 225

Name: Lee Ann Lewis
Position: CHOICES Support Clerk

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 211

Name: Ivy McDaniel
Position: SHIP Coordinator

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 245

Name: Angie Morehead
Position: CREVAA Advocate

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 239

Name: Sherol Sebring-Jones
Position: Public Guardian Director

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 214

Name: Joan Smith
Position: Public Guardian Volunteer Coordinator

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 215

Name: Teresa Westmoreland
Position: Fiscal Assistant

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 250

Name: Amanda Winstead
Position: CHOICES Manager

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 212

Name: Walter Winchester
Position: SNAP Coordinator

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 244

Name: Harold Winfrey
Position: Budget Analyst

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 219

Name: Angela Ray
Position: SHIP/Volunteer Coordinator

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 246

Name: Sarah Scheland
Position: CHOICES Information & Assistance Specialist

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 206

Name: Laura Birchem
Position: Options Counselor/ Family Caregiver

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 236

Name: Becky West
Position: Guardianship Support Clerk

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 215

Name: Christie Yeager
Position: Management Information Specialist

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 213

Name: Alicia Petty
Position: Choices Case Manager

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 250

Name: Jackie Scott
Position: Assistant Public Guardian

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 218

Name: Taylor Pruett
Position: Options Counselor

Phone: 731-587-4213 ext. 220

Name: Mayce Morgan
Position: CREVAA Advocate Assistant

Phone: 731-587-4213

Name: Greg Cain
Position: MY RIDE Coordinator

Direct: 731-587-4213 

Toll Free: 800-750-6866

Mobile: 731-514-5931 

Name: Shelbie Lee
Position: Options Counselor

Phone: 731-587-4213

Name: Alex Roberson
Position: Options Counselor

Phone: 731-587-4213