About Us

Northwest Tennessee Development District is an association of forty-seven municipalities and nine counties organized to advocate and promote economic and community development in the region.

Founded in 1971 to provide planning, technical assistance, staff support and to help its local governments develop projects and activities to benefit the communities and citizens.  Currently the district employees 34 full-time and 5 part-time persons in the office and many other persons full-time and part-time through the Area Agency on Aging administered contracts.

A sixty-three member Board of Directors composed of nine county mayors and forty-seven city/town mayors in our district and four members-at-large governs the District.  The Executive Committee is comprised of the nine County Mayors and six Members-At-Large.

The primary goals are to assist local governments in researching, obtaining, and administering state and federal funding; to enhance the quality of life in Northwest Tennessee; and to identify needs and advocate services for the elderly population of the region. The District concerns itself with the total social, economic, and environmental well being of this area.