Public Transportation/Staff

NWTHRA provides public transportation services to residents of all ages in all nine Northwest Tennessee counties. First priority is given to elderly and handicapped persons with medical needs. Other popular destinations include, but are not limited to, shopping centers, airports, and educational facilities. Funding for this service is provided through Federal Transit Administration, Tennessee Department of Transportation, contract revenues, and fares.

Title VI/Grievance Policy - If a passenger feels he or she has been discriminated against, or not given adequate transportation service, they have the right to file a written grievance within 180 days of the incident to the following address: Title VI Coordinator, NWTHRA, PO Box 963, Martin, TN 38237

Hours of Operation

Services are provided Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. till 6 p.m.  Limited services are provided on Saturdays. Our offices are closed on all major Federal and State holidays. We recommend that all reservations be made at least five days in advance to ensure seating availability. 

To reserve a ride call 1(877) 557-4337.

Fare Schedule for One-way Trips

In Town $0.50
In County $1.50
Adjoining County $3.50
Non-Adjoining County (inside NW District) $5.00
Non-Adjoining County (outside NW District) $7.50
Jackson $7.50
Memphis or Nashville $12.50



Click on a button below to view the Reasonable Modification Requests and ADA Complaint Process for Persons with Disabilities informational sheet. English and Spanish options are available.

Transportation Staff

Name: Tommy Bradberry
Position: Director
Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1221

Name: Janet Moore
Position: Administrative Assistant
Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1222

Name: Judy Martin
Position: Receptionist
Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1228

Name: Chris Johnson
Position: Technical Support Coordinator
Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1224

Name: Janet Breeden
Position: Contract Billing Specialist
Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1231

Name: Robin King
Position: Access To Jobs Coordinator
Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1229

Name: Chuck Hauhe
Position: Maintenance Director
Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1230

Name: Shirley Killebrew
Position: Mechanic
Name: Angie Fortune
Position: Scheduler
Name: Jessica Johns
Position: Verification Clerk
Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1227

Name: Betty Stafford
Position: TennCare Data Clerk
Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1225

Name: Carol Damron
Position: Reservationist
Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1363

Name: Jennifer Stone
Position: HR Coordinator/Payroll Assistant
Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1223

Name: Sandy Hall
Position: Dispatch
Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1364

Name: Jerry Cheatham
Position: Training Coordinator
Name: Rhonda Camp
Position: Reservationist
Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1366

Name: Gwen Hopkins
Position: Scheduler
Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1232

Name: Greta Paugh
Position: Scheduler
Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1226

Name: Reba Spain
Position: Payroll Clerk Assistant
Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1361

Name: Melissa Davidson
Position: Reservationist
Name: Sheila Bates
Position: Reservationist
Phone: 731-587-2903 ext. 1263

Name: Jacqueline Swift
Position: Reservationist