Senior AIDES Program

Seniors - If you're a senior seeking employment, consider applying for the Senior AIDES Program. The program, designed specifically for low-income people age 55 or older, can help you build the skills and confidence that lead to a full-time job. It provides you part-time work (20 hours a week) with an organization that benefits your community, access to job training and new skills, suppport to find full-time employment and your Senior AIDES paycheck will not affect your monthly social security check.

For further information regarding our national sponsor or projects in other states, go to Senior Service America's website.

For information contact:

Britney Bartholowmew
Senior AIDES/SCSEP Project Director
P - (731) 587-4213
F - (731) 261-2470  
PO Box 963
Martin TN 38237