Public Guardianship

The Public Guardianship Program was created in 1986. We are designed for people 60 years of age or older who are not able to manage their own affairs. The Guardianship Program is utilitized only when there are no family members, friends or organizations available to serve.

The Guardianship Program can serve as Conservator of an individual through court appointment. After the appointment, the staff can legally make decisions for the care and management of the person and/or property of the individual.

If the individual is still able to maintain their home, the court appointed conservator can make application for food stamps, medical insurance such as TennCare and energy assistance. The staff sees that medical appointments are made and transportation is provided.  Other responsibilities that are taken care of are purchasing clothing, maintaining yards and paying all the monthly bills.

The Guardianship Program can also serve as Durable Power of Attorney. The staff may be granted authorization to carry out specific actions on behalf of another person at that person’s request. The power granted may be tailored to the specific needs of the requesting individual;

  1. Durable Power of Attorney for Finances – this document is used to grant the Public Guardian the authority to manage a person’s finances and/or property, and
  2. Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care – this document authorizes the Public Guardian to make health decisions for a person when that individual can no longer make their decisions.

For more information contact Sherol Sebring at 1(800) 750-6866.


We are continuously seeking help, our clients involved under guardianship have very few visitors. They get lonely and time passes slowly.

We need volunteers. If you have an hour a week to give to visit someone, he/she will greatly appreciate the time you give to them. Visiting and getting to know a person on a weekly basis can be very rewarding, to both the volunteer and the client. You can build a friendship and a trust with each visit. Come help us build our program into a strong and rewarding relationship.

Our application process is easy and you must pass a background check. Contact me, Joan Smith, Volunteer Coordinator at (731) 587-4213, ext. 218 or by calling 1(800) 750-6866.